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A Maze, a Cat and a Monkey Walk Into the Online Casino

It sounds like a joke right? What happens when a maze, a monkey and a cat try to play online casino games against each other? Well, we can tell you that the maze is awfully smart so he might do pretty well playing online casino games. The cat really just wants to curl up so he might not be quite as competitive. And the monkey? Well, the monkey will do really well. Actually, research even shows that monkeys have been taught how to understand the meaning of money and how to play online casino games. Seriously. And they can also take care of others. Many videos show them taking care of cats and taking them under their wing (big hairy arm?) to nurture them. So the monkey that is playing online casino games will probably do pretty well, and will be seen as monkeying around perhaps?
Now, if a person is put into this mix, what happens? Well, the person who enjoys mazes first thing in the morning with his cat curled up near him is probably going to be a pretty happy person. He tends to be happier than the next guy who just rolls out of bed, brushes his teeth and runs for the coffee before work. The act of enjoying the maze in the morning and getting the blood flowing really does help to challenge the person and to offer him a great way to wake up. And then, when he’s finished with the mazes and he’s still enjoying his cats, he can enjoy the online casino. He can monkey around there just as much as the monkey from the joke can, and he can really enjoy his time before he has to take off for work. Or, even better, he can enjoy his time if it’s the weekend and he doesn’t have to go to work.
These are all great ways to have some fun in a crazy world where people are always on the go. But if they would just stop for a bit and think about fun ways to make themselves feel better, they could really find those ideas in little ways. So the maze, the cat and the monkey that all walk into the online casino will all do pretty well for their own reasons. And the person who plays online casino games after enjoying time with the cat and the maze will also do pretty darn well for himself. End of joke.

Have fun and try to find the exit for coming out of the Cat Maze. The solution is here.

cat maze for fun


The cat in a white and black stripes maze

Are you able to find the right way for coming out of this cat maze? Taste your skills and your lucky with online casino mazes! You have the possibility to scan the solution or check it here.

The cat in black stripes maze

Karate Crosswords Maze

Maze of karate crossword puzzle by Yanito Freminoshi as well as some Comrade Monkey artworks and also a few GIFs that we thought you may enjoy.

Karate Crossword Puzzle Maze

Karate Crossword Puzzle Maze by Yanito Freminoshi | SOLUTION HERE

VIP Casino Players are Elite but they are Still Very Normal People

VIP Comrade military monkey artBeing an elite casino player does not make a person have horns, these players are still very normal people with normal likes and dislikes and normal ways of living. Many of the VIP Casino players who are invited to join this exclusive club like to keep up their daily routines while still playing the casino games. These VIP Casino players are classified as high rollers. The players have to have reached at least 2000 loyalty club points in order to be invited to join the VIP Casino club gold level. Platinum and Diamond players need to have earned 8000 and 50000 in order to be invited to this level where the player receives higher deposit limits and higher withdrawal limits in addition to custom made vacation packages cat on the weatherto Las Vegas and other destinations. These benefits for platinum and diamond levels are surplus to the gold level benefits that include a personal account manager, luxury gifts, free spins on certain slots games, and special promotional events. The VIP Casino players that are offered the exclusive vacation package have been known to turn it down and the reason being is that they don’t want to leave the comfort of their regular routine together with leaving their pets. Pets, especially cats are sensitive creatures, these are animals that sense the feelings of their owners and can also compliment their owners Monkey Armyby offering support in times of need. In other words, a cat helps the player achieve better results in his casino games through keeping the player calm and focused on the game together with keeping him company and helping to reduce his stress levels. In return the player is loyal to his cat and does not like to leave him for long periods of time. The VIP Casino player who receives all-expenses paid vacation package may choose to forego this special gift because he cannot face leaving his loyal cat and may just prefer being a home boy. This does not mean that the player is in any way ungrateful, the opposite is true, he is so grateful to his cat that he will not leave his prizes pet. The VIP Casino players are not unique people but elite people that have achieved higher standards in playing casino games yet still manage to maintain many normal qualities including loving their domestic cat.
Living the High Roller Unique Lifestyle of a VIP Casino Player

cat loop gif


Karate Crossword Puzzle Maze SOLUTION

SOLVED Karate Maze

Don’t Fall for your Poker Opponents Traps!

indexPlaying poker is very fun but some players really mastered the game and can take all your money if you don’t pay attention. Falling for your poker opponents traps is very easy and what you should be doing is examining how the trap is set up. How important is it to take notes on other players and how can you effectively improve your odds in wining? Here is some more information on taking notes when it comes to your opponents betting patterns and how you can spot traps easily:

Falling for your poker opponents traps is very easy and what you should be doing is examining how the trap is set up.

What should you take notes of when playing poker?

Make sure you take notes on how your opponents bet from the amount of time they take to the amount of money they are betting. Time periods for check, raise and fold are also important because this can sometimes give you a clear indication if the player is bluffing or not! What does your opponents profile picture look like and what name are theyre using. All these little bits and bytes of information might give you a virtual representation of how likely a players is to follow a certain betting strategy.

What traps should I look out for?

Make sure you don’t fall for the all-in trick by disguised professionals. Professional players tend to act like rookies, letting you keep your guard down and then ultimately going all-in. At this stage you can do the same or not but the chances of the opponent having a good hand is very high. Make sure you take notes on players for quite some while before betting like a true tycoon!

The importance of the free play mode

Make sure you spend some time in the fun play mode because here you can test new strategies with absolutely no risk of losing money. This is brilliant and you enhance your skill for free. Save for a gambling budget and gamble in the free play mode because you might gain the extra knowledge needed to become an instant millionaire!

Make sure that you test out all this information in the free play mode or with a no-deposit bonus granted by your 0nline casino. Remember you should gamble for fun and gambling shouldn’t destroy your life. Don’t chase your loses and always try to keep a cool head because in the world of online gambling, anything can happen!

Online Casino Coupon Codes

Stanley HoWhen gambling online you will come across online casino bonuses that can be used to win real money with. How does this system work and how do you obtain online casino coupon codes? It is really easy to do and you do not need a degree to enjoy these wonderful online casino bonuses. Try to stick to one casino and get into their loyalty program fro exclusive rewards; don’t hunt bonuses at every online casino! Here is some more information on how to obtain online casino bonuses and how online casino coupon codes work:

What are online casino bonuses?

Online casino bonuses are amazing seeing that players receive free credit from their online casino and can use these funds to bet with. You can win real money in the comfort of your own home without depositing a cent with online casino bonuses like the famous no-deposit bonus. There are also other bonuses like welcome, reload, preferred deposit method, VIP and match or percentage bonuses. Make sure you get clued up about the online casino bonuses available in the virtual casino trade and try to get the most out of them at all times. Don’t feel intimidated by contacting your online casino and asking them for their guidance because any online casino that is serious about money will help you!

You can win real money in the comfort of your own home without depositing a cent with online casino bonuses like the famous no-deposit bonus.

How do online casino coupon codes work?

Online casino coupon codes are easy to use and players normally obtain these codes via email or even on the online casinos website. The trick behind these codes is to not deposit money before you enter the online casino coupon code at the cashier. Once you have entered your code, you can deposit money and receive the amazing benefits of the certain online casino bonus!

Read the terms and conditions carefully!

Make sure you read the online casinos terms and conditions carefully seeing that some online casinos really have ridiculous expectations. The online casino bonus must be worth your time and money, so make sure the bonus is worth it. You can also read various articles about online casino bonuses to find out what online casino grants players the opportunity to access the best deal!

Now that you know a bit more about online casino bonuses and coupon codes, go try your luck on your favourite online casino games and enjoy the thrill of online gambling!

Online Slot Bonus Games

One of the most popular online casino games in the world are online slots. Players just can’t seem to get enough of these fantastic games and it has been reported that the majority of slot fan come from Australia. Australian players often call slots pokies but many other fans are scattered around the world and are playing online slots daily! Here is some more information on online slots and how the bonus rounds might make you win lots of cash in the comfort of your own home:

One of the most popular online casino games in the world are online slots. Players just can’t seem to get enough of these fantastic games and it has been reported that the majority of slot fan come from Australia.

What types of slots are out there?

There are many different kinds of online slots that players will encounter when entering the online world of gambling. From classic slots to modern 3D slots, they are all there and waiting for you to gamble on them! Almost all the online slots have different sub-categories like 3 reel and 5 reel slots, each with different bet amounts, coin sizes and pay lines. The great thing about the variety of online slot games is that they are suited for low and high-rollers!

How do I enter bonus rounds?

Bonus rounds are randomly triggered when players have a certain amount of symbol groupings like wild signs, scatter signs or any other visual depiction of some kind of bonus Some players say you can enter bonus rounds faster if you stop the reels continuously but other differ and ay that you will only lose money faster. You have to try different strategies in the free play mode to actually validate its credibility!

How can I get the most out of bonus games?

Bonus games outcomes are totally random and there is no real ways to raise your odds accept knowing the game inside out. Sometimes dumb mistakes are made if players do not know how the bonus rounds actually work, so make sure you test the slot you want to play out in the free play mode! You can also stop the reels a bit or even vary betting times a bit. Change something you can except the constant 5% of your bankroll bet because more bets mean more potential winnings!

Should I play progressive slots?
Yes, most definitely because you might become a millionaire in the comfort of your own house! Save for a gambling budget and plays these fantastic slots that are connected virtually for more winnings. Basically every bettor contributes a small amount to the overall jackpot and then somebody wins!

Now that you know a bit more about online slots and how to gain the most out of them, go try out your favourite online slot at reputable online casinos!

5 Tips for Online Roulette Players

The devils game has lured many players into betting money they couldn’t afford losing. The excitement roulette brings is absolutely amazing and many layers have won big by betting ridiculously like the famous Ashley Revelle. There are many online websites that claim they have the next best strategy but players are strongly advised to test out all these tricks in the free play mode. If you get a success rate over 75% then go ahead because you might just become a millionaire in your own home! If you have played roulette before but just ended up losing, then here is some more tips that might just make you win the next time you play online roulette:

Live roulette games are fantastic seeing that you play a real game of roulette in the comfort of your own home.

5 Tips for Online Roulette Players

Don’t bet more than 5% of your overall budget because every extra roulette spin you can afford might make you win!
Stick to your lucky number and bet on them constantly. Some roulette players believe that certain numbers will appear almost every spin, so make sure you find out what numbers constantly work for other online roulette bettors.
Make sure you track where the roulette ball falls after every spin. If the ball is more likely to fall on lower numbers, then bet on lower number. The game goes for high numbers but make sure you see a clear aftermath pattern before applying this strategy.
Go all in on black or red because you might just double your winnings. If you are feeling lucky and want to pull the same stunt as the famous roulette players named Ashley, then do it!
Play live dealer games if you feel the electronic version is rigged!

Live Roulette Games

Live roulette games are fantastic seeing that you play a real game of roulette in the comfort of your own home. The online casino provides you with a real dealer, roulette wheel and roulette betting mat captured on a webcam from their side. All the action surfaces on your screen and you are betting for real like you would have in a land-based casino. Some online casinos even provide you with fantastic live dealer bonuses and players should most definitely sign up with good casinos that provide this option!
Now that you know a bit more about online roulette, go try out this amazing online casino game in the free play mode because there is no real risk of losing money. Try to stick to one strategy at a time and follow your gut but remember many players have lost almost everything by making ridiculous bets they couldn’t afford to wager. Gamble responsibly and indulge in the virtual real of online roulette!

5 Tips for Online Poker Players

The wonderful thing about online poker is that millions of people from all places in the world are playing this fantastic casino game. Play at any time of the day because you will find opponents at almost every time of day. The great advantage about poker is that it is a skill game. What exactly is meant by this? Basically players don’t have to leave their winnings up to fate but the amount of poker savvy they have. If you know your odds, betting strategies and opponents, you immediately increase your chances of winnings because you are not a rookie that knows nothing. Here are 5 amazing tips that might make you win when playing online poker:

5 Tips for Online Poker Players

Never bet more than 5% of your overall casino bankroll because you might end up losing your entire bankroll in just a few bets. Try to stretch your winnings as far as you can and bet when you know your odds are immensely high!
Take notes on other players from the amount they bet to the time periods they take to bet. Many patterns can be discovered by observing the game and you do not have to sit down at a poker table, you can just observe the other players if you wish.
Disguise yourself as a rookie and deliberately make mistakes in the beginning. After players believe you know nothing, you can actually bet like a pro when you have good hands and they will fall for it. Many players use the all in method to do this because your opponent will be more likely to take the bait!
Use your online casino bonuses because free credit was never a bad thing!
Make sure you enter various online poker tournaments and see how far you can go when gambling in these contests. This is a good way to test your skill and determine where your weakness lies because professionals enter tournaments regularly!

Practise in the free play mode because there is no risk of losing. The online casino will provide you with endless amounts of make believe credit you can use to gamble with. If you win or lose it means nothing but you can at least improve your skill for free when gambling online! Make sure you obtain no-deposit bonuses and use them because more credit leads to more potential winnings. Keep your details safe and play poker with your new online gambling friends!

Good Online Casino Qualities

If you are aspiring to become an online gambler then you need to educate yourself on good online casino qualities before signing up with just any online casino. There are many risks of signing up with a bad online casino and it is better if you start with a good online casino to begin with. Don’t fall into the trap of being a victim of fraud and identity theft by giving out your personal details over the phone or email! Here is some more information on good online casino qualities and what you should look out for when choosing an online casino:

Wide assortment of online casino games

Any online casino should give you a vast selection of online casino games to choose from. There are online casinos that host hundreds of games compromising of slots, poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, keno etc. If your online casino has a limited selection of games then choose another online casino immediately. Check if 3D games are available because they it is really next level gambling entertainment!

Excellent online casino customer support

When you are connected to the internet anything can go wrong and your online casinos customer support should assist you abruptly with amazing service. There have been many cases where clients received no support from their online casino when something went fishy. Imagine winning that progressive jackpot you always dreamed of and not being permitted to withdraw the funds!!!

Amazing bonuses and rewards

Make sure that your online casino has competitive online casino bonuses and that the terms & conditions are fair. It doesn’t help receiving free credit and not being allowed to withdraw funds if you have to earn ten million first. You want reasonable terms and a real chance of winning at your online casino!

Good online casino security features

Many online gamblers have become victims of fraud and identity theft because they signed up with an online casino that doesn’t have top-class online casino security software. Look for popular brands like Norton and remember to install excellent software on your computer as well!

Don’t settle for second best and choose reputable online casinos because there are some dodgy online casinos out there that will never give you the benefits you should be receiving. There are many online casino critic sites available and they will truly tell you what casinos you should steer away from. Gamble responsibly and remember online gambling has better payout percentages than gambling in a land-based casino!